Toughest visa to get for Indian passport holders in 2024


Toughest visa to get for Indian passport holders in 2024

If you love traveling, and looking to travel in these countries then, be ready for the most grueling visa application process of your life.


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Below is a list of the top countries with the most difficult visa processes: –


1.  North Korea 



 Without a Doubt, North Korea comes on Top of this list. Because we all know that, North Korea is the most isolated country in the world & most difficult to get a Visa country. To get the Tourist Visa.
you need to book a complete tour package from a Local travel company accredited by the Government of North Korea. So, if North Korea is on your bucket list, be ready for the toughest visa for Indians Process.

2. Russia



Russia is undoubtedly tourism tourism-friendly country. And Russia and India maintain very good diplomatic relations as well. But despite all this, It’s tricky to get a Russian visa. Travelers will have to wait weeks to get visas approved as the Russian government is notoriously strict. you will need an official document called a “Visa Invitation” (also called “Visa Support”) from an organization recognized by the Russian Foreign Ministry. This process is not as easy as it seems. But these days people are preferring to travel for many reasons. we all know that Russia is budget-friendly for Indian travelers. If your budget is around 1 lakh, you can easily explore Russia.


3. Saudi Arabia



Saudi Arabia has already eased off the visa process for Indian Tourists in 2023-24, But getting a business visa is super tricky, you need a lot of documentation to get Saudi Business Visa. All applicants along with their local sponsor must comply with the needed requirements laid by the MOFA. The visa process involves several months of preparing for the application and waiting for it to be approved. Women are not allowed to enter the country alone, unless they are met or accompanied by a sponsor or male relative, as a result of the kingdom’s strict laws concerning women.


4. United States of America




Yes, you heard it right, it’s not at all easy to get a US visa for Indian passport holders. if you are well-traveled and someone from your family has been there for a long time, then only there are chances to get a US visa. The best part of a US visa is that either they will refuse your visa or they will grant your visa for 10 years. So, do not miss any chance to apply for a US visa. US visa comes with lots of additional perks like free entry to many countries. However these days, appointment waiting is more than 15 months. if you are keen to get a US visa. start preparing from now onwards.

Don’t worry. You have to Get Visa Services–  Visa processes require a lot of paperwork. In countries where organized visa requirements are very stiff or not in order, getting a visa can confuse and frustrate even the well-seasoned traveler. No one likes facing a visa rejection or listening to the word ‘your visa application is denied’. If you choose to travel to any of these places, be sure to use the services of Get Visa Services, who will guide you correctly and handle the complete paperwork for you.


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