Get Visa Services is a company of Vagabond Holidays, Vagabond Holidays began 6 years ago on the plains of Gurgaon. From our first journeys in 2017, Vagabond Holidays grew into a globe-spanning network of companies, establishing a new benchmark for experiential travel. Today, we are one of the known luxury travel companies and About Us Get Visa Services, with an unrivaled legacy of creating memorable, inspiring adventures all over the country and abroad.  Our approach combines singular service, authentic local expertise, and beyond-the-guidebook insider access, all of which come together to create a journey of a lifetime, every time you travel with us.


Unparalleled Global Reach

Get Visa Services has 02 offices in Gurgaon & 01 office in Kolkata, providing unmatched on-the-ground expertise with About Us Get Visa Services local guides contributing along the way. We offer the best visa and passport services from inspiring small group journeys to Luxury Travel journeys and many more and we are consistently working on that …With incomparable expertise and a passion for authentic discovery, gvs visa services reveal every destination from a true local perspective — and with a level of style and service beyond the reach of any other travel company.

What we do

Get Visa Services has been in the operations of visa facilitation last 10 years and ever since its inception our team has given utmost importance to client satisfaction. We provide gvs holidays For All Countries, Safety & Confidentiality with Door-To-Door Visa Assistance and 24×7 Assistance.


We are an expert visa consultants in India focusing on providing quick and easy services to all your travelling needs. We do hassle-free offline and online visa services all over the India. Our branches in Gurgaon and Kolkata, We already serving thousands of customers. Our mission is to set up highest benchmark in quality visa processing services in India by creating maximum awareness & offering hassle-free experiences.


himanshu khatri founder of vagabond holidays and get visa services

Himanshu Khatri

CEO, Founder

Himanshu Khatri’s life journey is truly inspiring. Born in a small village in Haryana, he grew up in Gurgaon and developed a passion for hockey. He played the sport at a national level for over a decade, showcasing his dedication and skill in the field.


At the age of 18, Himanshu Khatri joined Kirori Mal College, Delhi University, where he pursued a degree in Geography (Hons). During his college years, he developed a sense of adventure and wanderlust, which led him to explore India extensively. He embarked on solo journeys to all corners of the country, riding his Bullet motorcycle, gaining valuable experiences and insights into India’s diverse cultures and landscapes.


After completing his studies, Himanshu Khatri decided to follow his passion for travel and worked in different travel companies, honing his skills in the travel industry. With his wealth of experience and a desire to offer unique and diverse travel experiences, he eventually took the bold step of starting his own travel company, which he named Vagabond Holidays.


With a decade of travel experience under his belt, Himanshu’s Vagabond Holidays has grown to become a successful travel company operating globally, providing travelers with a wide range of unique and exciting experiences in different countries.


Himanshu Khatri’s journey from a small village in Haryana to the founder of a renowned travel company showcases his determination, love for travel, and willingness to embrace the unknown. His story serves as an inspiration for those who aspire to follow their passion and build something meaningful from their experiences and interests.


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Himaanshu Khatri

Sales Head
kaushik-gvs-3-1024×1024 (1)

Vikas Kumar

Visa Assistance (Field Team)
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Kaushik Panja

Kolkata Team Head


Visa Assistance (Field Team)