Most Dangerous Countries for Women 2024

5 Perilous Nations Where Women Face Unsettling Challenges 


In the technological supremacy & cultural inclusion era, it’s disheartening that there still are countries where women are not safe. At all! Women in such countries are quite prone to being exploited, trafficked, and abused. 

We do have satisfactory traces of progress in women’s safety in some parts of the globe. However, in Most Dangerous Countries for Women, it becomes critical to shed light on places where women still live in dark & misery. 

Hence, in this blog, we’ll list the 5 most dangerous countries where women’s well-being continues to be at risk. 


5 Most Unsafe Countries for Women 2024


1. Afghanistan


Post the international force’s withdrawal, the situation continues to aggravate. This, as a result, has created an uncertain political & social environment, especially for women. 

  • Increased violence & oppression of women
  • Women are deprived of the right to education
  • Restrictions on women’s employment & right to movement
  • Domestic & sexual abuse
  • Mass trafficking


2. Democratic Republic of Congo


This is one of the least safe countries for women in 2023. The situation is worsening daily due to the present conflict and displacement in the DRC. Women here majorly are becoming the prey of sexual violence. 

  • Rise in forced marriage & rape cases 
  • Lack of justice & healthcare system for the survivors 
  • Abduction cases are increasing too
  • Child marriages are quite prevalent 


3. Saudi Arabia


Women’s living condition in this country is that of an oppressed one. While several reformative measures were initiated, their impact is limited just to the papers. 

  • Excessive male guardianship limits autonomy 
  • No say in decision-making
  • Taking permission from a male relative to participate in certain activities is a must
  • Women’s rights activities often face persecution & find themselves behind bars for advocating gender equality


4. Syria


The prolonged protests & conflicts have turned this beautiful & once popular tourist destination into a legit torment. Especially for women, the situation is even worse. They bear the brunt of this dire humanitarian crisis. 

  • The ever-increasing prevalence of sexual violence
  • Merciless environment for women
  • Forced marriages 
  • Trafficking & exploitation 


5. Somalia


This is yet another infamous country that is not at all safe for women. Such a deteriorating condition is the result of prolonged conflict among the groups. Subsequently, this has led to political instability & economic downfall. And a group most suffered from these crises are women. 

  • Prolonged conflict and instability in Somalia have severely impacted women’s safety and rights.
  • The gender-based violence ratio is high
  • Women from marginalized communities are the common prey of rape and genital mutilation.
  • Political instability has prevented the drafting of any rights for women
  • Several reports raise the issue of high maternal mortality rates, further compounding the existing challenges 
  • Poor healthcare infrastructure
  • Limited access to education 


2 Other Unsafe Countries 

1. Bahrain:


With 6th place in terms of gender gap, Bahrain is one of the least safe countries for women. Poor public infra including poor street safety triggers the crime rates against women. 

Moreover, this unsafe country for woman ranks 4 in terms of legal discrimination. What’s further disheartening is that the local legal system here protects the rapists if they agree to marry the survivor. 


2. Tunisia: 


This too is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for female. This country ranks 9th in terms of poor sex ratio. The legal system does exist but is for no good because of the discrimination against women. 

Additionally, as per data, near about 47% of Tunisian women have already been affected by domestic violence. 


Final Thoughts 


These alarming aggravations are not fruitful for any society in any way. “I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.” Quoted by B.R. Ambedkar, the world today needs to extract the exact meaning of this line. 

Moreover, the SDGs set by the UN focus on “women’s condition” as a crucial parameter to measure a country’s NDP. The continued need for women’s rights advocacy & reform is the need of the hour. 

We, however, will have to be the change we wish to see in the world. While these countries are in dire need of revolution to lift women’s misery, we can do our parts as well. This begins with being mindful of our surroundings, and the way we treat women. 

Moreover, it continues by breaking the nonsensical gender-based stereotype. Only then we can work towards progressing the lives of women globally. 


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